About Us & Who We Are

Whether it’s preparing a house to sell or wanting to make your house feel brand new, Bear Creek Design prides itself on providing creative solutions for your specific project’s needs.

Bear Creek Design Group’s team of interior design professionals have exceptional design experience offering multiple resources. Bear Creek Design Group’s design is definitely not ordinary, taking it to another level providing creativity and personalized conscientious service from interior design experts whose skills, combined with space management consultants, result in amazing spaces. The big difference is that Bear Creek Design Group has multiple specialists contributing to the final product. You wouldn’t want your gardener painting you house so we use experts in their field. By combining design, functionality, and project management Bear Creek Design Group provides you with a seamless attention to detail and the end result is a beautiful space.

Just because your home may be outdated, often times there are ways to get the design you are looking for in a more creative way. Bear Creek Design Group assists from the initial idea stage and will see the project through to full completion.

Remodeling is a very unique process and requires protecting your valuables, daily communication and creating a safe and pleasant work environment, while your home is being transformed. Bear Creek Design Group uses a long standing crew of professional and creative subcontractors to ensure that your project will be completed in a timely manner.

Security & Top Dog

Todd Chocol
President & Architectural Designer

Mike Rogers
Director of Operations / Regional Account Manager

Kevin Stricker
Regional Account Manager

Catherine O'Connor
Construction Coordinator

Leighton Cash
Project Manager

Cindy Findling
Project Manager

Mike Bergman
Purchasing / Logistics


Alan Kramer

Laura Judd

Jill Stebbins

Catherine Terwilleger
Interior Designer / Kitchen & Bath Specialist

John Brady
"John" of All Trades