Local Evergreen Couple’s Home Selected for HGTV Show

*Show aired in 2011. Here is a snippet of the show.
Article provided by Colorado Serenity

Lori Jensen and Doug Prickett of Evergreen were selected to participate in the filming of the hit HGTV show, Biggest Bang For Your Buck. The show profiles three separate home remodels, and then a real estate expert and HGTV designer review and critique the design decisions made. They then select the remodel that would provide the biggest return on the investment.

Lori and Doug have a home on Upper Bear Creek that was a 1952 cabin. The entire property was remodeled, but the show focused on the “Mountain Greatroom” concept. The crew was at their home for two days shooting footage.

“It was such an awesome experience … we were able to have a lot of fun with it. We give a lot of credit to those professionals that are on camera everyday. It was pretty comical; it’s amazing how nervous you get when they start rolling the cameras. Whoa!” The first day, the crew worked with the homeowners to capture what the project encompassed. They followed them around grabbing audio/video clips of why they chose certain design elements and what motivated the choices.

“They didn’t want anything scripted; they asked us to just act natural and talk to the producer, who was standing to the side … trying her best to coach us … it was actually very humbling. Thank goodness they can edit about 90 percent of what they shot. We were like little kids—totally embarrassed and giggling. Doug was awesome, I was the major run-on sentence maker … painful!”

The next day of shooting was the moment of truth. An HGTV designer and a Vail Valley real estate broker reviewed the remodel and gave the homeowners their critical comments.

That’s where the homeowners can comment on the experts’ critiques. “That was our favorite part of the whole experience, or at least mine,” said Lori. Because they do closeups for this part, there was full makeup …loved it!”

After sitting under the hot lights, camera rolling, they provided their response to the experts by watching what was filmed earlier in the day. “It was interesting to hear their perspective, totally different than what we expected … it opened my eyes to what a third-party’s objectivity can bring to a remodel. It was great, overall a really good response, so we felt confident that we had made smart choices.”

Even if they don’t “win” (there is no prize awarded, just “biggest bang”), they loved the experience. The crew worked so hard to make everything easy and to make the experience very enjoyable. They went above and beyond … great group of people. “I would do it again in a second!” The episode will air sometime in 2011.

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