Testimonials & Comments

  1. Scott Underwood Grammy Award Winner, Drummer from Train

    I worked with Doug and his crew at Bear Creek Design on the extensive remodel of my Colorado home. My home, and remodeling ideas were pretty atypical for the most part, and required a pretty creative vision and execution. Doug was an excellent consultant on every detail, and made me feel confident in our decisions every step of the way. He and his crew were always on time, worked fast, worked clean (we lived in the house while remodeling!), and the cost was honest and fair. I highly recommend Bear Creek to anyone looking for work of any type on their home! In fact - I kind of miss them being around!

  2. Dale W. November 2016
    • Doug,

      Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we are pleased with the kitchen remodel. You have a great crew working for you. Tony and Ryker have solved every electrical issue we have run across and go above and beyond to help us out.

      Carl has done the same with the bath fan issues, and anything else he has been asigned to take care of or repair.

      Kevin has been great with us always taking the time to explain the procedures to us so that we understand how things are to be completed. Poor guy walked into a mess and handled it very well.
  3. Nyberg November 2016
    • Hi Doug,

      I just got back to home from week long business trip last night and wanted to let you know our kitchen looks fantastic! 

      Sandra is very happy of course too.

      I'm very glad to be back in Colorado to enjoy the weather and the new kitchen!

      Thanks Doug!
  4. Dave S. October 2016
    • Doug,

      Wanted to send you a little feedback. So far your team has been outstanding. Every person that has come through has been so professional and respectful. All the work to date has been top notch. You don’t have contractors but artisans at their trade.

      I guess it all starts with Barb; Laura is very thankful for her part through the whole process from start to finish. Barb was a great combination of being able to help Laura get her ideas into a plan and bring other creative ideas into the plan also. Also anytime any one has a question she is on it.

      Kevin is great at communicating, getting things done, and just making sure we are involved at the right level, working through all the issues and keeping everything on track, and making sure we are happy. Plus he is great to work with, you can tell all your teams like to work with Kevin and that is a reason why when there is an obstacle they come up some imaginative solution that always seems to work.

      Kenny’s drywall blends perfectly (We had a almost a weeks’ worth of drywall work. It was Swiss cheese due to all the rewiring to get the lights to the ceiling, getting the extra 220 for 2nd stove and getting everything up to code – I think we had to cut holes in multi-location in 7 rooms to get them to the circuit breaker box.

      Dan – has been unbelievable with the cabinets and really is a perfectionist – he has done some amazing things – the boards he did look great. He really does treat your house like it is his. Plus he does a bunch of little things that make all the difference in the world.

      Mario’s team is doing a great job making sure all the paint matches and everything blends and looks seamless. With so many rooms and different ages of paint not an easy job.

      Tony getting wires just about anywhere. He seems so happy doing it.

      Anthony at Evergreen Granite really seems to know his stuff and during templating really gave us his time and had some good ideas and thoughts.

      Last thanks to you and Lori also for all your creative input and helping to give us so many ideas to really do some fun things to the renovation that give our house some really great touches to give it some character.

      We have had I am sure the standard change orders, hiccups, and issues, and I am sure we will have a few more, but everyone seems to find a solution that works. I don’t want only to raise the issues, but be quick to compliment, and your guys have done outstanding to date.

      I have tried to thank everyone, but if you can let everyone know we appreciate it, I think sometimes that goes much farther than from the home owner.

      Just wanted to say thanks!
  5. Dick & Joan M. April 2016
    • Hi Doug,

      First, I want to thank you for inviting us to your home in Denver to look at the painted cabinets, which we thought were quite well done. I gather you are already on the move to the next house!

      More importantly, your people did a great job: Cesar is an excellent painter/employee. We went through a couple of itrerations, and finally came up with the best approach. He was fastidious in covering every thing before spraying and careful on letting things dry before turning for the next coat. In addition, the stain matching with 16 year old maple cabinets was as close as I could imagine. Overall, this guy is terrific; hold on to him. Lastly, I appreciate the inspections and suggestion of Jerry Miller. He is thorough, has a good eye, and offered very good suggestions on unrelated painting issues (i.e., crown molding).

      You have a very good team, Doug, and we want you to know it. Please pass this on to Jerry.
  6. Lurlie B. April 2016
    • Hello Doug,

      I just want to let you know that the crew who did the demo of that lava rock "thing" in my living room did a totally awesome job. Plus, they were prompt, courteous, thorough and left the area probably cleaner than they found it.

      Now I just need to decide on the replacement tile.

  7. Tom D. February 2016

    Hey Doug, It came out great, we are very happy! You need to stop by to see it and have a beer on the deck! I attached a couple pictures.

  8. Ed P. December 2015
    • Jesus,

      I wanted to follow up and let you know we were very happy with our overall experience with Bear Creek Design and particularly your management of our project for them. I know our project was not a large one for you but you handled it professionally and efficiently from start to finish. Your communications throughout the project were excellent and I was never left wondering if something was supposed to be happening or not. You always showed up when you told us you would show up and it was the same with your subcontractors. The project was completed within the timeframe you had indicated to us when you first got involved with the project. The project was also finished below the budget that was estimated by Bear Creek. So, in summary, thanks to your professional and efficient management, our project was completed on time and within the established budget and we are very happy with the results. We are thinking about another larger project, perhaps next year and we would be happy to give Bear Creek Design and you the first shot at the work based on the project you just completed. Thanks again and we hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  9. Judy & Len W. November 2015
    • Hi guys, just checking to make sure you're happy with Bear Creek Design Group and the work we did.
      - Jesus Rodriguez
    • Jesus, recovering from Thanksgiving and a whole weekend of grandkid sleepovers! We absolutely love the kitchen. Our family came up over the weekend and could not get over the dramatic change with removing the island and how beautiful the cooktop area now looks. They were shocked at how great the floors looked and thought we had replaced all the tile! We just couldn't be happier - everything has turned out perfect. We now have a kitchen that we can enjoy. We so enjoyed working with you and Bear Creek. The job went smoothly and quickly and everyone was wonderful to work with. Thank you, again, for everything. We are going to miss seeing you! Have a great holiday and if we need anything, we will give a call.
      - Judy & Len W.
  10. Peter G. November 2015

    Mary and I are really happy with how the fireplace came out. It looks amazing. Carlos did an excellent job fitting the stones.
    Thank you and all the guys at Bear Creek Design who worked on it!

  11. Emily L. November 2015

    Bear Creek Design Group has provided stellar remodeling services to us since 2012. Doug and his professional staff and crew members have completed four major projects for us over these past few years - all with:

      • attention to detail
      • cutting-edge design advice
      • top quality finish selections
      • talented contractors committed to making sure our expectations are met
      • great ideas on ways for us to simplify projects (when suitable)
      • outstanding customer service

    The team at Bear Creek is assembled of the "best of" when it comes to craftsmen. Having been through remodel projects before, it is clear to see every step of a project with BCD is different - rather handled by true professionals - the best of design, plumbing, electrical, tile, painters, custom cabinetry craftsmen, stone finishing, windows/glass - they are all knowledgable, professional and very easy to work with - quite a pleasant team.

    The four different projects Doug and his team have completed for us were all completed in line with our original timeframe and cost estimates. I carefully tracked the weekly, very-detailed invoices (they even give you a copy of every Home Depot receipt related to your project!) and was amazed how they kept things in line.

    I continue to recommend Bear Creek Design as often as I can. They have moved on to do work for many of my friends and neighbors. Oh - and last Christmas - well after they had completed their last project at my house, my furnace died on the coldest day of the year - as we had houseguests arriving. The furnace service company could not make it to our house for at least two days. Not knowing where else to turn, I called Bear Creek Design. Doug and his team stepped in to take care of everything - even though they have never once worked on my furnace so it clearly wasn't a problem of theirs. Yet, they jumped into action to make things warm and cheery and solve our problem. It's the best to know the team at Bear Creek Design is on your side.

  12. Judy W. November 2015

    I am very happy with the progress of the job and with you as our Project Manager. A lot got accomplished in just four days and everyone was professional, friendly, and job site was kept clean. Your communication with me concerning the job and scheduling has been excellent. We are very happy that we chose Bear Creek for our kitchen remodel.

  13. Erin R. October 2015

    I just wanted to say thank you for being amazing and awesome!

    I almost cried tonight seeing all those guys working late getting the new space ready. You guys are truly amazing people.

    I seriously love you.

    That is all.

  14. Lauren L. August 2015

    I am not normally one to post a recommendation, but given this wonderful experience I had with Bear Creek Design Group, I felt compelled to let the community know. Bear Creek Design Group is a company based out of Evergreen that specializes in home remodels. I randomly met the owner Doug and his wife at an open house in Cherry Creek. BCDG is growing their business and have become popular in Denver, specifically the Cherry Creek North neighborhood. I took his card because my mother was interested in remodeling her condominium in CCN. We decided to hire Doug and his team to do a complete overhaul of my mother's unit, including kitchen and bath. I can't begin to say enough amazing things about this company. From the job foreman to the subcontractors, Bear Creek delivered in every way possible. I was able to reach the job foreman literally at any time during the day via text or phone call. There was ALWAYS someone on site at the condominium and the team is incredibly hardworking. The level of craftsmanship and expertise was also impeccable. I would recommend this team to anyone interested in any type of remodel, even if it is just retiling your bathroom. BCDG had over 40 projects during the time they remodeled my mother's unit, but it felt like we were the only job they had. The customer service of this company is impressive. BCDG was also featured on HGTV.

  15. Johnnie June 2015


    To say 'Thank you' isn't nearly what I feel inside. To respond to me the way you did with such graciousness absolutely blows me away. It's rare to meet a guy like yourself that truly cares and is willing to go above and beyond to make another comfortable in their home. It's an honor to know you and I'm incredibly grateful for your time and effort. Like I told you, people are usually trying to evade people in situations like mine, when you came looking for me. I've told so many people about you including my mom and dad, and they were in disbelief. My girlfriend was also very grateful to you as elk, and couldn't believe it. Your integrity is second to none.

    I'm so glad we met and I'm looking forward to your company making my home even better. I know your reputation and work stand for themselves, but at any time please feel free to use me as a reference. I don't forget when people do wonderful things for me, and if there is ever something I can do for you as a favor, don't hesitate to call on me. I hope we can go grab a beer or three when I get back. Thank you so much Doug!

  16. Jen January 2015


    Things are looking awesome upstairs. The mirrors are installed and we updated all of the brass door finishes with brushed nickel (wow, did that make a difference!) The medicine cabinet is awesome, which is a relief because I was worried about it not being recessed. I am thrilled. And the Ikea pivot mirror is perfect for the water closet space. Awesome recommendation! It is going to be so much fun watching things come together this next week into the design we had envisioned.

    Thank you so much for ALL of your help throughout this process. You've made fantastic design recommendations every step of the way and, what's more, have been critical to our sanity during some of the more stressful days of this job. I sincerely can't thank you enough. Really.

  17. Jen October 2014


    I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the work done on our house. As you know, it had a lot of problems from electrical wiring and plumbing issues to major issues like removing the fireplace and turning a useless earth stove area into a master bath and walk-in closet. The kitchen make-over was amazing as were the alder doors, the window trim, and the ceiling beam in the great room.

    Perhaps the most impressive thing for us was the great talent of each of the craftsmen on the job. It is difficult to call out any names because they were ll so fantastic: Kevin and Dan, Caesar and Mario, Felix, Carl, and the extraordinary team of cleaners.

    We can't thank you enough, Mike. When you came into the picture, the project really began to move. Barb's designs became real, and we felt as if the remodeling of our dream retirement home was becoming a reality. We loved the way you stayed in touch with us, the way you kept us apprised of where we were on the project and where we would be going the next day, and your personal attention to every detail. We felt as if you were as interested in making this project, the remodeling of our home, a success as much as we were. We can't thank you enough for the steaks to help us celebrate when we could finally see that light at the end of the tunnel and for holding our hands through the septic tank fiasco, even though it was a Saturday and you should have been focusing on your own life.

    We are pleased to tell our friends what a great job Bear Creek Design does. We saw it not only in the level of work done, but in the pride the craftsmen took in the work they did and the pride they took in being a part of BCDG. The company clearly holds itself and its employees and subcontractors to a higher standard.

    We appreciate the advice about what to expect in the future and how to handle it. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing Kevin on Saturday and you in the next few weeks.

  18. Patti August 2014

    How would you rate BCDG as a whole?
    Overall, the kitchen project went very well. The demo was done very quickly, and the other work was scheduled and performed nicely. The kitchen has been completely transformed and looks wonderful. All of the contractors were very professional and reduced the impact to the rest of our home. Tony was a pleasure to work with, as he was extremely organized and communicated with us nearly every day and after hours when needed. The ability of the builders to take Barb’s design and turn it into reality was remarkable.

    How would you rate the quality of work performed?
    The contractors who built our kitchen showed great skill in their respective trade. Kevin especially showed great attention to detail and is an amazing craftsman. We truly appreciate all of the care he took to make sure our cabinets and our window were installed perfectly. Little details like the trim pieces he made really completed our kitchen.

    How would you rate your project manager?
    Tony is great at his job and was a pleasure to work with. From the beginning to the end, he communicated with us clearly, explained everything, and addressed any issues that came up immediately. Tony’s hard work and ability to manage every aspect of a project well was the major factor in our successful kitchen remodel.

  1. LaMar & Marta J. November 2016
    • I am writing to send my highest praises to Carl, who did such a wonderful job at our home on November 9th. He was on time, professional, efficient, and had such a high quality of work. More importantly, he was one of the most sincerely kind and big-hearted people I've met in a long time and it was an absolute delight having him in our home. We recommend Carl without any hesitation whatsoever, and hope that you'll pass along our high praises about his work. Thank you for everything, Carl! Very much looking forward to seeing you again in the future.
  2. ML C. November 2016
    • Hi Barb,

      I know I promised I would alert you when the remodel was complete so you could see the finished product and take pictures. We have just finished the deck project and everything is complete. Now, of course, I have begun decorating for Christmas, so I'm thinking you might want to wait until after the holidays to come by. Everything has turned out so beautifully and I am extraordinarily happy living here. I got to host a nice Thanksgiving dinner for nine, including some friends who drove up from Texas. It was their first experience in my new place and they loved it. It was also a good test for the functionality of the kitchen design and it passed with flying colors!
  3. Laura & Dave November 2016
    • Dan,

      Thanks for all of your hard work. We can't wait to start enjoying life in our kitchen which you helped to create!
  4. Troy F. November 2016
    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for everything. You did a great job, and we are happy with the finished product. Have a great weekend and holiday season.
  5. Jim & Karen G. October 2016
    • Mike,

      I think we're done! Looks great.

      Thanks again for another great job and always a pleasure working with you and Bear Creek!
  6. Samantha L. October 2016
    • Thanks again Doug! You have a great crew that does great work! Plus Jonathan did such an amazing job too!
  7. Michael October 2016
    • We appreciate the additional level of attention and detail that you have given. I can't wait to enjoy this new square footage - it's looking great!
  8. Kate and Charlie October 2016
    • We are very pleased with the new bathroom!
  9. Donna & Barry R. September 2016
    • Mike,

      Thank you for the inspection updates and for the front porch. 😊 We noticed it right away and it looks great! We appreciate the diligence in getting everything just right. We are so pleased with how everything has turned out.
  10. Liz September 2016
    • Lori,

      Thank you so much for all your help with this project. It turned out so beautiful and amazing!
  11. Kristie D. July 2016
    • Catherine,

      Very professional approach that your team has. Thanks so much. Please tell Doug we appreciate you.
  12. Kyle S. April 2016
    • Kevin,

      We appreciate everyone's hard work and attention to detail, the basement has literally been transformed! In particular we are thankful for all your oversight and bringing it all together. Your suggestions and insights were great and appreciated. Thanks again!
  13. Lurlie B. April 2016
    • Hello Doug,

      I just want to let you know that the crew who did the demo of that lava rock "thing" in my living room did a totally awesome job. Plus, they were prompt, courteous, thorough and left the area probably cleaner than they found it.

      Now I just need to decide on the replacement tile.

  14. Tom D. February 2016

    Hey Doug, It came out great, we are very happy! You need to stop by to see it and have a beer on the deck! I attached a couple pictures.


  1. Abbe W. December 2015
    • Doug,

      You all are the very best. Everyone of you people that have been here have been kind, courtesy and completely competent. Great work done by all. Thank you for following up. I wish you a happy holiday and send my gratitude to you and yours!
  2. Lauren L. December 2015
    • Hi all -

      Thank you so much for the beautiful craftsmanship in completing my mom's fireplace in order for it to be "up to code." It looks absolutely amazing.

      I just wanted to send a quick note to let you all know!

      Happy Holidays!
  3. Paula B. December 2015
    • Kevin -

      The cabinets/vanity look great!!! I'm very pleased with the way things have gone so far and appreciate all your hard work and coordination!
  4. Debbie L. December 2015
    • Jerry -

      Thank you. Looks great!

  5. Annette C. December 2015
    • Hi Jesus -

      The work your team did is amazing (actually perfection); efficient, neat, & as you mentioned done before expected.

      Ray & I are so happy with you & your team.

      I've already emailed Bear Creek & want your team for the outside of our home in the spring.
  6. Donald W. December 2015
    • Hi guys, just checking to make sure you're happy with Bear Creek Design Group and the work we are doing.
      - Jesus Rodriguez
    • Yes we are very happy with your work.
      - Donald W.
  7. Glen T. November 2015

    Cool! I love it! Thanks!
    The Maestro! put in the drain, wait until you see the shampoo shelf. Very nice!
    And then there's the windows. Those guys are doing a super job, especially the outside trim. It is perfect!

  8. Josh D. November 2015

    I have used this company on multiple projects (4x already) and EVERY time has been incredibly positive. Doug and team are on time, always transparent and honest with changes during the process, always finding ways to over deliver on the work provided. The quality of the work matches the effort and detail one should expect from a top notch design/contractor team. Not only do I highly recommend, I will use them again in the near future.

  9. Evan B. November 2015

    Great company. Bear Creek did some work on one of my properties and the crew was awesome. The crew did a great job and left the place spotless when the work was done. I would recommend this company for all your residential remodeling needs.

  10. John D. November 2015

    Bear Creek Design Group is a great company to work with, Doug is wonderful and very professional and honest. Their Invoices provide all the detail of labor preformed and all receipts of material purchased so you can track the project very easily. Great Subcontractors with high quality work and great managing of the project from our Project Foreman. I will use them again and highly recommend.

  11. Tammy W. November 2015

    Great group to work with. They were very knowledgeable and good guys. The quality of work was amazing. Highly recommend.

  12. Steph E. October 2015

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your having Rob do the work for us. He does a really great job. Having the outlets painted to match my backsplash was the perfect gift as I wouldn't have done it myself but love it.

    I'm not sure if I ever properly expressed how much I enjoyed working with Kevin and you. You did a great job.... everything to quickly tuning into the kind of style I wanted to being innovative with your design ideas (the infamous corner oven) and being consistently on top of communication. You helped create a kitchen that is just right for our house and for our family.

    Now you are stuck with me!

  13. Alice & Jerry H.. October 2015

    We recently finished a home remodel project with Bear Creek Design Group. The total project cost was around $100k and completed within the time frame we had expressed at our initial meeting. Like most remodel projects we experienced some ups and downs and we ourselves did several major changes to the scope of work . In the end, the home turned out beautiful and we are very happy. I found the workers and office easy to deal with and having a friendly and professional attitude. Every project is unique and we were very experienced clients, but I would recommend them and certainly use them again in the future.

  14. Randolph C. October 2015

    In my experience with Bear Creek Design Group, it seems that they have assembled a group of preferred contractors who are top quality craftsmen. My projects have turned out every bit as great as the pictures you can see on their website. I highly recommend them.

  15. Les S. October 2015

    I have used Bear Creek Design for three different jobs for my house, all fairly varied-bathroom remodel, exterior fence, and outside roofing/addition. We have been delighted with the quality and integrity from the get-go. Doug is straightforward and honest, and his crews have all been great to work with. We have a basement remodel we intend to get to within the next 12 months, and there's no one else I'd call. I have and will continue to recommend Bear Creek to my friends.

  16. Adele S. October 2015

    Doug and Bear Creek Design did a wonderful job on our home as we dealt with many aspects of repair and rejuvenation. We knew what we wanted to achieve and we were fortunate to be guided to the best ways to get there at a reasonable price. We knew ahead of time what the costs would be and were very pleased at the care that was taken as the project moved forward. We have been thankful every day that we chose Bear Creek Design.

  17. Roger N. October 2015

    We have had Bear Creek work on several home improvement projects that totaled nearly $100,000 and have been very happy with the results. They were always most pleasant, responsive, on time and on budget. We'd be very happy to have them work on future projects. We have referred them to other friends, who were also very pleased.

  18. Cheryl E. October 2015

    We have been contracting with Bear Creek Design Group for the past three years on various projects at our "fixer-upper" home and each project has surpassed our expectations! The high level of skill and craftsmanship is amazing!

    Our budget and time frame are always considered and each contractor works efficiently and timely. Doug, Mike, Leighton, Dan, Mario have been wonderful to work with! The back office staff is excellent as well. We would HIGHLY recommend Bear Creek Design Geoup for any remodeling or new project!

  19. Scott C. October 2015

    Thanks very much, Kevin. We very much appreciate your work and your team’s work on the project. We are thrilled with the result!

  20. Bob & Cheryl E. October 2015

    Thanks! Our house is becoming more beautiful with each Bear Creek project! You & your team are, simply, the best!

  21. Debbie K. October 2015

    I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new doors. Also, all the guys who have been working on this project have been great. They are all very respectful of us and our home. We are looking forward to working with you again on our bathroom remodels.

  22. Carol & Scott R. September 2015

    Mario did and excellent job! Thank you so much.

  23. Tiffany W. August 2015

    Mario is great. I am sure you know that but super nice guy and does a very good job. He did an amazing job fixing the drywall and everything else too.

  24. Josh D. August 2015

    The carpet looks awesome. Thanks again for all of your help.

  25. Becky B. July 2015

    We are very thankful for your help and the job was done quickly and beautifully!

  26. Tiffany July 2015

    Your guys actually picked up all the trash. They knew we were having people over. They are really great guys and work incredibly hard and are kind and polite and care about us being happy with the job. I am sure you do, but hope you guys know what good guys they are and hope they are appreciated. I would definitely let them do more work here.

  27. Melinda July 2015

    Hi Doug,
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I was going to look into getting some wrought iron fencing for the porch to stop this rotting problem. Not sure if that is what I will do. I get back in touch either way.
    I really enjoyed both of the workers you sent, Carl and Tony. You have good people working for you.
    Have a good 4th of July!

  28. Amy June 2015

    My mom's shower looks great, can't thank you and your guys enough. They were polite, friendly, timely and neat. I thought you might get a laugh out of this pic-- this is my 1930's shower-- a glass block broke spontaneously yesterday. One project done, and another inevitably starts. I'll contact you about that next.

  29. Lauren June 2015

    I have to say I am extremely impressed with the work so far from your guys. The customer service is incredible. Glad we found you guys that day at the open house!

  30. Eliz June 2015

    Hi Doug, Mike and Mario,
    I just wanted to send all of you a "thank you" for such great work on our home. Our experience with Bear Creek has been excellent since the moment we started discussing this project. Mario, the job you and your team did on our house is outstanding... we are so impressed with the quality of work and the professionalism of your team.

    Thank you for always being so responsive to my inquiries and ensuring we walked away as happy customers. We are looking forward to working with you again on the many projects we hope to complete in our home.

  31. Meg June 2015

    The guys have all been great! I am very happy! The guys could not be nicer and very good at their jobs :)

  32. Rob S. May 2015

    The iron work on the fireplace looks good and appears to be holding well. Many thanks for getting Carl here so quickly. He is simply the best and I’ll likely have some other projects for him over the summer. Carl is truly helpful and I really appreciate his and your efforts. Meanwhile, my wife is probably planning a whole new kitchen!

  33. Annie March 2015

    I am soooo happy with all of your work! You never fail me! I have been singing your praises with everyone I'm around lately. Thanks again!

  34. Chris J. March 2015

    I am VERY happy with your work!

    Been meaning to write a letter of thanks. Kevin was an amazing problem solver. You guys showed up on time, did what you said you'd do, and the workmanship speaks for itself.

    I recommended you to a customer of mine that I'm sure will be in touch about a large remodel.

    We'll be in touch soon too about the second floor coming up this year.

  35. Melise G. January 2015

    Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate all you've done and your extremely professional team!! I would definitely recommend you to anyone!

  36. Emily January 2015

    How can I thank you are your team for being there for us in our mini-crisis last week? I cannot express how wonderful it is to have friends who have such great skills and connections to get the job done and allow me to cruise on out of town with my guests. You all are AMAZING! THANK YOU and I owe you BIG TIME! Will expect my bill anytime.

  1. Karne and Jim December 2014


    Hard to capture the exact beauty of BCDG's work but we are very happy with the results!

    Thank you for all the wonderful work and we'd love to express out gratitude to you personally. We've never worked with a contractor who was so responsive and so concerned about our needs.

    It's been an absolute pleasure! Any future work that we'll need will surely involve Bear Creek Design Group!

  2. Melinda December 2014


    I wanted to let you know how happy I was with the work you did on my porch. It looks amazing and came in way under budget. You da MAN!!

  3. Sally December 2014

    Mike did a great job - in fact everything was great!

  4. Sally December 2014

    Mike did a great job - in fact everything was great!

  5. Carol November 2014

    I LOVE my deck and tell everyone you guys did it.

  6. Elizabeth November 2014

    I must pass along an unsolicited compliment. Our neighbor who owns a very successful construction company in Florida and who only comes our here when he can told us everyone up here knows Bear Creek is the best! He doesn't pass out compliments very readily, but after a tour of our house (he was in it many times before we bought it), he could not say enough about how beautifully done it is. We agree completely!

  7. Eliz November 2014

    Hi Doug,

    We absolutely loved Carl and our experience with Bear Creek. We will definitely be using you for all of our needs. I have already referred you to two people looking for contractors... I will be on touch re: the ceiling fix.

  8. Kathy G November 2014

    Michael is so professional and checked in with me several times.

    Caesar is really good, and he and Bernie worked well together for sure.

    Really happy we got it all together right under the wire with the nights getting so much colder now.

    Hope you are doing great also…love your offices, really a nice property over there…and MaryLee and Catherine are wonderful.

  9. Mark B. October 2014

    You are unheard of in the industry. Nobody provides the quality of work, services, immediate attention and quality that Bear Creek Design Group does.

  10. Charlie October 2014

    I am VERY happy with your work! In a few months we look forward to Kenny's help with drywall.

  11. Julie G. October 2014

    Please let everyone know in your firm, how much I appreciate your company's integrity-it's very much appreciated and a rare thing.

  12. Dan and Elizabeth October 2014


    You cannot imagine how pleased we are with everything! We can hardly wait to show it off.

    We have loved working with the skilled craftsmen and professionals at Bear Creek. We will recommend BCDG to anyone who even hints at wanting to have work done. We truly appreciate Kevin's compliment to us and the gift of the window framing. It truly makes that room look finished.

    We want to thank you personally, Mike. When you took control of our project, it became fun again. We will not hesitate to call on you and BCDG again.

  13. Les S. September 2014

    Doug and Wade,

    Many thanks - very happy with the fence. No elk intrusions, and the dog has only gotten out twice (a gate issue that we addressed). I’ll be back in touch for the next project!

  14. David and Kelcey August 2014


    I just wanted to drop you a note expressing our appreciation on the fast, efficient and courteous manner in which Bear Creek handling the repair of our leaking toilet. Although you remodeled our master bath over two years ago, the repair work was performed very quickly (called Friday at 3, Carl was here at 5, on a Friday!) In this day and age, it is rare indeed to find a company that provides such service. A tip of my hat to you, Carl and the entire Bear Creek team. Carl has been fantastic, and Thanks for the outstanding job standing behind your work. Carl was fabulous (neat, efficient, nice, funny!) and the fast response was amazing - thanks Doug - you run such a quality business, it's truly a joy to work with you guys! We will continue to recommend you most highly!

  15. Missy Evenson - Director of Sales - KMGH KZCO Denver July 2014

    Everything looks awesome, and we love it!! All the guys were great, especially Michael. He was fantastic with communication. Thanks so much:)

  16. Elizabeth July 2014

    The skylight windows in the roof look fantastic, and I still catch my breath when I see the showers! Those tilers are great! We had to order a tub faucet, but it should be here very soon. Thank you so much for the update. You cannot imagine how happy we are that you are do so much to hurry it all along.

  17. Patti M. July 2014

    The BCDG team is doing a great job. We are so excited for our new kitchen. We love the counter tops. They look awesome. Ryan said he's been excited 2 days of this remodel - our first demo day and now today :) It's really coming together. Thank you for all your work.

  18. Sue S. July 2014

    Carl finished in the basement, he was awesome. I loved him, my fellow Bostonian. I hope he gets to work on more projects at our place. Just wanted to tell you he was great.

  19. Adele S. - Cherry Creek North July 2014

    What a great experience it has been working with Bear Creek Design Group. It was quality work, done quickly, cheerfully and on budget. I would highly recommend Bear Creek Design Group to anyone with a remodeling project. A great group of professionals to work with.

  20. Roger and Mary Anne N. May 2014

    We have enjoyed working on several critical and very detailed home renovation projects with Doug Prickett and his associates at the Bear Creek Design Group in Evergreen, Colorado.

    We have found Bear Creek to be highly professional, tightly scheduled, and budget sensitive. Our projects, one of which lasted about six-months, were completed on time and on budget. Doug worked closely with the Home Owner's Association and the County to ensure the required permits and regulations were followed and that final inspections were completed. In addition Doug and his staff worked very closely with structural engineers, electricians, plumbers and outside suppliers to guarantee we were happy and satisfied customers.

    It has been a pleasure working with Doug and Bear Creek Design and we look forward to having them involved in additional projects as they come along.

  21. Idske March 2014

    Joseph and David,

    I love my carpet and you both did an excellent job! I was very happy having you work in my home.

  22. Mark February 2014


    We have been very pleased working with BCDG and the remodel has turned out great. Sometime in the not so distant future we plan to remodel the down stairs bath and then re do the kitchen. We will plan on using BCDG when get ready to start those projects. Thanks again!

  23. Bryan and Jane February 2014

    Thank you Bear Creek Design Group! And like a village it took every member of your “Group” to take our kitchen project from start to finishin a most professional and efficient manner.

    We are so very grateful for each contribution made, each unique creative skill and for the character and integrity of all involved.

    If being displaced could be tolerable and exciting, your Group carried us along the way with support and friendship. We applaud and commend the special detail and commitment each of the subcontractors demonstrated. We enjoyed freedom from concern and frustration because of Ernie Gilbert’s management and ability to remain steady and focused through each phase of our project.

    You all created a beautiful transformation in our kitchen. We couldn’t have experienced a finer group of professionals.

  24. Mark H. February 2014

    Doug and Ernie,

    We just wanted to thank you and your team for doing a great job on the remodel. It looks awesome. We are also very pleased with the professionalism and how the job was run. Ernie did an outstanding job of coordinating the work, giving us sound advice when an issue came up, as well as communicating with us on a daily basis. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team on this project.

  25. Kathrine J. January 2014

    Doug and Brandon,

    We are so pleased with the house! Felix finished putting up lights today, and Caesar finished the painting. And Mike hauled away all the stuff. Thank you. We are happy, happy, happy.

    Whenever it is convenient for you all, let us know what date works in your schedule for the wood floors and tile. Both should arrive by the 7th, and then the wood can sit a week.

  26. Lisa S. January 2014

    Bear Creek Design Group has done all of our remodeling projects. Their people are professional and they are all a pleasure to work with!

  1. Emily H. December 2013

    I could not be more happy with my kitchen - it is absolutely perfect!!! Thank you all so much, everyone was a pleasure to work with & I would recommend you to anyone. Couldn't have asked for a more smooth process or better results!!

  2. Karen and George November 2013

    George and I wanted to let you know that your crew/employees were outstanding. Even under the most difficult conditions of having people in and out of our home, each contractor was respectful, kind and talented. Please pass on to them our sincere appreciation for their hard work.

  3. David L. July 2013

    Thanks for your help Mike - it is greatly appreciated. My opinion of Doug and Bear Creek Designs remains as high as ever, and I will certainly recommend them (as I already have) and would not hesitate to use Bear Creek again in the future. You are a class outfit!

  4. Patrick O. June 2013

    We are extremely happy. It has been well worth every penny. I really appreciate all the great work.

  5. Curtis and Diana M. April 2013

    Doug Prickett from Bear Creek Design Group did a wonderful job on the construction of our new kitchen. We totally gutted our kitchen and started from scratch, and our new kitchen is absolutely stunning. The workmanship of Doug's craftsmen is really good, and they are all very pleasant to work with. He is always on top of things and is very good at following through with fixing any problems that do come up. Should we have any more remodeling projects in our home, we would not hesitate at all to have Doug do the work again.

  6. Bridget April 2013

    I want to thank you so very much for all you have done for me.

    From day one when you guided me through the various decisions on what needed to be done, to the great care you gave in keeping the dust from the work to a minimum, keeping the project on schedule, and designing a master bathroom that is the envy of all who see it.

    It didn't stop there either. Your straight talk about real estate was especially helpful!!!!

    I will always be grateful and consider myself so very lucky to have found you!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amy February 2013

    We couldn't be more happy with the renovations and we look forward to working with you in the future.